About 13 years ago I learned to be inspired to always be reaching and dreaming. I recall the time when I was off with my mother on one of her escapades. I was always pulled along on her travels that it became normal since the age of 7.  

When I was about 13 years old, I recall sitting outside my grandmother’s house under the side shed and sitting with a pen and notebook in hand. It was their I penned my then-current dream of becoming a skateboard fashion designer. Which is quite ironic, because I had never skateboard or owned a skateboard. Yet I was quite sure that was something I had wanted to do. For a few hours I had drawn concepts of designs, shoes, and even mocked what my brand logo was going to be. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep that dream long, nor I kept any designs from that evening, but it was their I realized of what kind of visionary I was.   

It was there, I found myself aloof in a daydream of the future, but it was also unrelenting feeling of being anywhere but there. Though I was sitting near a familial place it was the furthest I had ever wanted to be. I don’t recall how I ended up there, or how they day played out after, but I always find myself looking back to this moment. 

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