Of All of April

Of all the thing I wish to do, and say I’ve never had time to do. I think I’ll use April as the month to do just that. Starting with small goals to focus on my personal growth. I’ll start here as I’ve never done much with this blog, and I’ll aim to publish a piece every week*. Did not do that. I really have to try, because April is over in a week, but that’s okay because I benefited in other facets of life. 

First goal, for my mental state I’ve decided to forgo social media apps. I’ve deleted all social media apps from my phone and using the endless scrolling times into some productivity. Can’t say it was anything intellectually building, but more physical. I started working out and have enjoyed the rush of burning off the day frustration in some killer exercises. It was a good start in building a healthy habit. something I will be consistently, because I really need to keep my health in check as the years turn.

Secondly, I’ve made a minor growth towards writing a short story. The past few years prior and during the lock down of the pandemic. I found myself escaping more into reading, playing, and listening to various forms of storytelling. Whether it was the stories of There, ThereLife Is Strange, or The Suburbs it held my imagination keenly of the stories being told in various forms. I found myself wanting to capture a story that only I could relate too of What life is like in my corner of the world, because more I look to my find similar stories I could identify on a personal level. I struggled to find my story as a Queer native male living on the reservation. I wanted that story to be shared and I was never going to find it because I had to write it. That’s just one goal that has shown early success in a simple drafted outline. Her Story is coming. 

Finally, an overall personal goal I would like to achieve is obtaining an MBA. All but one day went into the work that was needed to prepare towards the GMAT test. I’ve yet to actually dive deep into the actual studying, but what can I say. This early into the preparation I have little motivation, but those deadlines certainly creep up when you are not looking. The end of April is around the corner, and I seriously need to go hard in the coming weeks. Let this be that testimony. 

Starting somewhere is a good start. A consistent workout schedule, and a basic outline and a cleanse from SM apps have proven slightly fruitful in my personal growth. It’s just a matter of staying persistent and counting these small wins that add up to a greater picture of where I like to be down the road. Here’s to the next several weeks, because April was just too short.

*the first few sentences sat in an open word doc since late March. I chose not to change the intro.

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