Finding Home

For the past 6 months, in the time I was working from home.  I was actually reading into books and listening to albums. A lot of them had a common theme around their love for their neighborhood. They speak about the rivers, and the life of the city of no post code envy, or even wrote about them escaping it to explore the surrounding area. I … Continue reading Finding Home


Signing my NPA to my original salary brought on waves of emotions. First and foremost, I got the since of relief that I was no longer the Director, the Decision Maker, the one to go to that was always included into many conversations. It was over and just like any nightmare I awoken with a new sense of understanding of this property. I knew mgmt … Continue reading NPA


The idea of moving on. This short live plan of obtaining a job and saving some money, and a vehicle to leave this place behind. I’ve been home on this beautiful rez for far too long. I had planned to be out before seeing a second summer here, and off living my best life. Yet the world had other plans, and a lot of the … Continue reading 27


About 13 years ago I learned to be inspired to always be reaching and dreaming. I recall the time when I was off with my mother on one of her escapades. I was always pulled along on her travels that it became normal since the age of 7.   When I was about 13 years old, I recall sitting outside my grandmother’s house under the side … Continue reading Daydreaming