It takes more than a commitment

yeah, starting the process of trying to stay relevant in current times is harder than expected. I figured at the beginning of early pandemic around March, when my job was closing it’s doors to the public. I figured this has given me time to take on minor projects, and learn new topics. which I did, for about a month into the whole stay at home order, which was easy.

Working from home came with ease, and because my reservation was seeing no cases that early, but the minute a few cases were spotted on here. A total lockdown ensue, the idea of being staying at home was okay, coming from a national standpoint, but when it hit home with our local conservative tribal council no one was allowed to go anywhere! which made the stay at home order a chore, as oppose to a recommended option.

life at home became impractical to appease my sentiment of staying focus with projects. lol like this blog. and my some soft skill topics, yet I figure by month 3 all commitments were broken, except for video games. I’m far to happy to have played some great games that have me inspired.

I guess it takes me more than a commitment to see myself through any project, or varying tasks at hand. I guess I need to find some passion to maintain this minor blog, and to focus on future endeavors. Now, my new commitment is to find things that fuel me with passion.

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