Pet peeves in the modern age

It’s probably because I’m in an irritable state right now, but I have a few pet peeves that I liked to share. Some may be consistent with others, and some may just come from my own personal opinion. Here are a few modern quarrels I deal with on the reg:

  1. Passwords. Oh so many accounts, oh so many passwords. I can’t tell you how many types of passwords I create, and access only once. Luckily we have the modern solutions of remaining logged in with a simple box click, or some systems such as the iOS, and Android have great features in remembering passwords. I, can not tell you how many times I’ve come across an old account and try to remember the password, and stop cold turkey in purchases, viewing, and following because of my poor password management. Even changing process is so tedious it’s becomes its own chore.
  2. touchscreen keyboards. Smartphones have become the new normal, yet I can not function with a touchscreen based keyboard. This may be a personal quarrel, because of how huge my thumbs are compared to a small keyboard. Or It may be because of my small phone, but I think an Apple Xs is the least of my problems (or maybe). The unsettling frustrations that stems from a typo leaves me irritated, which often results in me dropping the text, emails, comment, whatever from pursuing. Do I blame touchscreens for my lack of communication or… never mind I just don’t communicate as much. Keyboards or not, I still have this unnerving itch when the its prompted.
  3. pinky finger. I don’t even know where the pinky finger should go, and my pinky freaks because of it.

Just a few, and primarily a rants regarding my recent problems with technology. It benefits those who utilize it wisely, while I still can’t be bother to reply to a text I received last week.

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