Signing my NPA to my original salary brought on waves of emotions. First and foremost, I got the since of relief that I was no longer the Director, the Decision Maker, the one to go to that was always included into many conversations. It was over and just like any nightmare I awoken with a new sense of understanding of this property. I knew mgmt suggested I take a more assistance role, but never could I have given so much of my blood, sweat and tears and nothing had ever changed. The consistent run around and pointless…. I could go on forever and still feel like a hot mess I was 6 months ago. Now I’m happy to reframe my life, and devote to things I would gladly do in a heartbeat. I need to find my happiness again as a manager. 

Even after all those late nights, and early mornings devoted to this property. I would gladly take the pay cut to have that time back. Which is why this post is here today, and why I feel the need to say that “4 o’clock is 4 o’clock, I’m going home at 4 o’clock” 

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