So from work I was rewarded a 5 day weekend from the chaos of it all. I spent the latter of it indoors, email off and playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. After a few months of having the game in my ownership I never gave it my undivided attention until this past weekend. The investment was well worth it, and after 50+ hours of game play these are a few things that I take from the initiative.

It was my first real play-through of any Mass Effect game, and I am equally impressed by the game, and the many stories that were told in Andromeda. the lives that pursued the initiative, and left everything behind in the Milky Way. The many tales that were invoked to tell what they left behind to pursue something greater, whether it be for science, boredom, or acceptance, and these are just a few take aways.

Stories. Of all the tales I pursued I liked Liams and Suvi. Possibly because they left something in the Milky Way light years away. Acosta shared a more conventional background that seemed comparable growing up as a modern human. He dwelled on the past life and remembered the time he and has parents worked on an old vehicle. Suvi had a more spiritual break being that every thing behind her was gone, and her reflection of her parents represents the lives that are no longer there. specifically the line “I slept while my parents lived their lives.” Never have I felt so heartbroken, and in awe of the story telling felt from video games. They’re many stories that go in depth, but these two were the ones I felt best represent me in their position.

Exploration. of all the many worlds I explored I say Kadara was my favorite, and then Elaaden, and then Voeld. just to name a few. the worlds, and their rich immersion has helped the wanderlust deep in my heart that has yearned to do something no one has done before. I think this is where I side with Peebee, about never looking back and always looking forward. The vast exploration of the hidden caves and worlds that were wrapped in hazardous living conditions that were purified by opening vaults. That in turned showed the true natural beauty in these landscape. More importantly the hidden narrative that came with each planet and moon. Every system had something to find. whether it was the missing satellites or the ancient relics that laid in slumber for centuries. I appraised every item found like a lost friend, and loved every second.

Acceptance. I guess one of the main reason I pursued the Mass Effect was the many same-sex romances that were entangled in the beautiful narrative, and vast worlds. I like the idea that there was not one individual waiting for an approval, whether it was on their sexual identity or for an adventure. It was through midway of my first play through that I wanted to romance Gil, but honestly I really enjoyed the option of my first go around with Reyes. yet nothing rung true that my main character was my first intergalactic queer hero. It would only stand true until I start to play the Mass Effect trilogy.

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